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When it comes to our children’s health there is nothing we wouldn’t do for them, right? But what if your child won’t eat a varied diet, or won’t take supplements and won’t sleep at night? Most children with ASD have some kind of sleep problems and have a very limited diet. I have tried many sleep aids and supplements in all forms. I have even bought jelly type vitamins all the way from Norway for Dylan. They ended up being spat out before he even got to taste it.

I first came across Better you on amazon when I was looking up magnesium salts for the bath for Dylan. Magnesium has a calming and relaxant effect on the body and  being magnesium deficient can really affect the quality of our sleep. The body needs magnesium to maintain the state of rest and to relax the muscles.

Dylan had terrible sleep patterns that started to affect his health and his mood along with my own. We started using the  Better you transdermal magnesium in his bedtime routine.  I put a handful of the salts in his bath every night and then I use the Children Magnesium sleep lotion. I use it on his legs and massage it with long hard strokes as he is sensitive to touch. I found that after a few weeks of using the magnesium he was a lot less restless and the time that he woke up got a lot less frequent.

There is usually a health reason for why your child is waking up in the night. So its good to check with you local GP to see if there are any underlining health problems.

Dylan also really struggles with his food and eating the right stuff, so supplementing him is really important. We use a number of the Oral sprays and again have seen a big difference in Dylan. He suffered with terrible mouth ulcers and after a few weeks of using the Vitamin b oral spray, the multi vitamin spray and the Vitamin D spray they cleared up. They are very easy to use, mild tasting or no taste at all. A quick spray in the mouth and you done. It’s so easy and helps me sleep at night knowing that he is at least getting some vitamins in to him.

Again please note  that I am not a doctor these are from my own experiences and I am not being paid to advertise this, just purely a mother who wants to share what has worked for us.

Please do comment below and let me know if you have tried these products and what has worked for you.

Tara x

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