Tara Leniston

Tara is a former actress from Ireland. Following her eldest sons diagnosis of ASD Tara threw her self in to knowing all there was to know about autism and how to help her son. After 6 years of research she wrote her first book with her friend and speech therapist Rhian Grounds. Tara currently lives in Brighton with her partner Andrew and their three children, Dylan, Luca and Naia Rose. Tara’s mission is to help support and inspire parents of special needs children. 




Actress, Author, and Autism mum Tara Leniston introduction to coming home to autism new video blog on YouTube.

Introduction to autism

Video link to Autism Live.

Actress, Author, and Autism mom Tara Leniston tells us about her book “Coming Home to Autism,” which gives a room-by-room approach to supporting your child at home after an ASD diagnosis.


Coming home To Autism Event

Our event is …. The beginning of a movement for change, more compassion and understanding for everyone affected by autism. ‘Coming Home to Autism’ is only the beginning of your story and how you live it matters. We understand positivity and hope is not easy, but knowledge, attitude and motivation is everything.

Naia Roses Nursery

One of my favourite rooms in the house would have to be my daughter Naia Roses bedroom. It is so peaceful and calming we quite often all pile in there and lie on the floor chatting.
Autism Friendly Interiors

Autism Friendly Interiors 

Interiors has always been a big love of mine, a passion that was passed down from my mother. As a child I moved to 8 different countries and to over 15 houses. My mother always managed to make the house we lived in, whether it be rented or bought, a home for us...
12 steps event

12 Steps to Surviving an ASD Christmas

Christmas can be such a wonderful time of the year, but for some of us it can be full of anxiety, stress and uncertainty. The lack of routine and the uncertainty of it can really unsettle a child with ASD.Dylan finds Christmas particularly hard. One year he was so excited in the lead up to Christmas and then on the 24th he decided Christmas was not going to happen he wanted it to be the 26th and he would open his presents on the 26th. It was all too overwhelming for him. Over the years I have learnt how to reduce this stress for Dylan and for our family. Here I have put my 12 top tips to surviving an Autistic Christmas.
coming home to autism

Our Autism Journey

TARA LENISTON shares her journey after son Dylan was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). By KATE BARBERIn her book Coming Home to Autism, Tara writes openly and intimately about the distress and fear that she and husband Andrew…
Learning Game

Coming home to autism: the parents’ story

Coming home to autism: the parents’ story23 July 2018 – Tara Leniston and Andrew Fowler seemed to have it all, she an actress, he a property consultant and former reality TV star. The birth of their son Dylan in 2010 sealed…

Book Signing

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